The Gaming Analysis Group

gaming analysis group

The objective of the Gaming Analysis Group is to provide developers with comprehensive beta-testing and feedback of any specific game, in confidence, and we feel that this service will increase the chances of a game meeting or exceeding revenue targets and player take-up when released.

Loads of players complain about the lack of decent playing games. There seems to be a true disconnect between what players want, and what game developers think they want. Both entities want the same thing – decent and playable games.

We analyze the games by testing the games with some of the most experienced players online. These players come from Casinomeister’s forum: the largest and most active community of online gamblers.


 The Gaming Analysis Group use the most seasoned players – the most respected players who demonstrate full understanding of casino games and have a history of expressing intelligent and objective criticisms, to include knowledge of game development and game data. Every developer needs this input, and the GAG is the tool for software developers to create some awesome games.

Our testers have various styles of play, come from diverse backgrounds, and some have several languages under their belt. The GAG are focused not only on the presentation of the games, but in its total functionality. The following is an example of some of the items reported on. It is not limited to this:

  • General Synopsis: Overall first impression when opening game before any detail is examined, i.e. theme and background/appearance. Sound effects, initial feelings and beliefs about the game.
  • Interface: to include graphics check made for similarities elsewhere.
  • Rules/Paytables: Are English language translations correct and unambiguous? Ease of understanding pay tables and wild actions – simplicity.
  • General operation: Speed of animations and graphics in various browsers. Ease of user interface operation, settings and clear separation of buttons. Are there unnecessary graphics, etc.?
  • Game Issues: Are there any clones or near-clones previously issued by other developers?
  • General Gameplay: A full summary based on extensive testing to include game mechanics, bonus rounds and theme/appearance, and the pros and cons of the version tested.

There is no service comparable to what the GAG offers – and we anticipate that this will not only serve the developer to produce better quality games, but improve the gaming environment for players with games they really want.

If you are a software developer, and would like further information, please contact me here.